Benner Nawman RB-BNCE-NH Blade for BNCE-20 Cutting Edge Saws

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The RB-BNCE-NH is a replacement Blade for the BNCE-20 Cutting Edge Saw. This Tungsten Carbide Tipped blade features 24 teeth and a 1.6mm Blade Kerf. The blade also comes with 4 BNCEP1-73 M5x15 Hex Bolts and a 3mm Hex Key. You can make approximately 250-500 cuts per blade depending on the size of Grade 60 rebar your cutting.

BNCE-20 Specifications
 For Use With Saw Type Rebar Cutters
 Item  Circular Saw Blade
 Blade Dia.  4-3/8"
 Primary Saw Application  Metal
 Blade Type  Metal Cutting 
 Tip Material  Carbide
 Blade Number of Teeth  24
 Blade Kerf  1.6 mm
 Arbor Hole  3/8"
 Depth of Cut  1"
 Tooth Grind  ATB
 Hook Angle  4.0 Degrees
 Max. RPM  1700 RPM
 Plate Thickness  0.063"